Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Praise Jesus

Hi there!! Thank you for praying for me!

The funniest picture of EJ yet! Is that my hand??

Well things have finally started to calm down a little. We are thinking more and more that EJ's intestinal bleeding was due to a food allergy. I went on the BRAT diet since that day, and we have had no bleeding at all. Other symptoms have also gotten better including his rash. So eczema, breathing difficulties, and severe food allergies are no fun, BUT they are manageable. Praise Jesus for allowing my son (my sensitive son) to be otherwise healthy. I am so relieved. I feel as if I have been through a lot with EJ's health and I am looking forward to now being able to breathe. Since his birth, I have been holding my breathe and just waiting for the shoe to drop. Waiting for everything to come crashing down. Hopefully I can leave that behind me and believe things are only going to look up. Our appt with the pediatric gastro Dr. is Monday and I look forward to meeting her.
Oh my sweet baby boy. What a ride so far....

Look at those baby blues!

ps. does anyone else notice how chubby his cheeks are getting? I love it!

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Doodle - said...

Carson was my sensitive child. HIs food allergies have gotten a little better now that he is older (I know this doesn't help you now), but his enviornmental allergies have ramped up.

One day at a time.

Carson's food issues were milk and eggs.

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