Saturday, April 4, 2009

YEA for Austin!

My not-so-little man is officially 100% potty trained! I can not believe it. He has been pooping in the potty perfectly all week. It is so easy for him now, that I wonder why it took this long. But, I am just so thrilled. So, so thrilled. I truly believed, when he started Pre K in the fall, that he would still be wearing pull ups for #2! But he did it, he really did. It took some persuading with start wars figurines in the end. Yes I am not above bribery :)

Well congrats my sweet boy. What a milestone!

In other news, EJ had another bout of bleeding but it has since dissapeared again. I will let you know how his appointment goes on monday.

God Bless!


Kelly said...

Does EJ have blood in his stool? He may have a milk protein allergy. I had to stop eating all dairy (and soy, because some kids who have milk protein sensitivities are also sensitive to soy protein) for a few months when I was nursing Cam. Hopefully the dr will have more insight. Its no fun! If you have any questions, sweetie, let me know, k?

Doodle - said...

WOOOO HOOOOO Austin! I am so glad that it finally clicked. And fyi, it isn't called bribery if it works, it is called a "solution" :) (yeah, I am speaking from experience here as well LOL)

Sounds like EJ has some pretty serious allergies. And at his age, your best (and only) bet is elmination. It is going to be hard on you, but you can do it. It isn't forever, and taking the allergen out of his diet (even though he is only getting it second hand) will help his immune system reboot and hopefully he will transistion out of it by the time he is 2.


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