Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cloth diaper reviews-basics

Alright, I am finally starting up my cloth reviews!

We will start with Why?

Cloth diapers are GREAT! But in addition to this fact they are economical(save around $2000 total!), eco friendly, safe for baby, and super cute! I love being able to choose what fabrics and chemicals are against my babes bum! They have every fabric! Cotton, hemp, bamboo, fleece, wool ect. You can even choose organic. In addition to this we also make our own wipe solution (for our flannel wipes) so I have a lot of say in what EJ is exposed to. We use a perry bottle filled with water, about 1-2 tablespoons vinegar, and a dime sized amount of California baby body wash. This has been the best solution for us!
I just love cloth!


Cloth diapering has never been easier than today! We have such a vast array of choices. There are flats and prefolds, fitteds, pockets, AIO (all in ones), and AI2 (all in twos). There is literally something for everyone. With pockets and AIO's they are just as easy to use as a disposable. Instead of throwing away you simply wash!
Washing diapers does not have to be difficult. I try to make it as easy as possible. First thing to do is to get your detergent. I use Arm and Hammer for sensitive skin because it is easy to find at the store and EJ has never had a reaction to this. I did try Crunchy Clean due to the rave reviews, but poor EJ is just so sensitive and would break out in a horrible rash everytime. I have also heard great things about Charlies and Allens.
After you get your detergent, you need to set up a routine. I wash every 2-3 days. I do a cold prewash with no detergent, then a hot wash (the longest available) with detergent and then a second rinse. Remember to only use 1/4-1/2 the recommended amount of detergent to avoid build up!
To dry I usually dry on the lowest setting available. However, I do love hanging them out to dry when I can. Nothing, and I mean nothing, gets stains out better than the sun!
It really is not hard at all. Once you get your routine down it just become habit!

How to get started? What to get and how many?

For newborns I recommend about two dozen diapers. You can change around 12 diapers a day and that really adds up! So it depends on how often you want to wash.
As far as what type of diaper to get, everyone has a personal favorite.
When I started out I was willing to try prefolds due to their low cost. I did end up getting quite a few different types of diapers and I think they all have their purpose. I strongly recommend getting a little bit of everything to decide what you really love. Every type of diaper works so differently, has different absorbancy levels, fits very differently (even one size) and will just suite your needs diferently. So try different ones before you commit your entire stash to one diaper!

In addition to diapers, you will need wipes, wipe solution, a wet bag, and any extras you might need like snappis and liners. *As far as wipes go, you can actually make your own very easily! Just cut up some flannel and there ya go!


I have shopped at many different online stores. Kelly's Closet is one of my favorites! I also like Nikkis diapers, Cotton babies, Abbeys lane, and Mothers milk boutique. Some of them even have free shipping!

All in all, cloth diapering can be a very enjoyable, rewarding, and even addictive thing! Don't be afraid to give it a try!

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