Monday, August 10, 2009

Easton Joseph is SIX months old!

Well, well, well
Someone is growing up!

I can not believe my little miracle babe is now six months old! He has grown and changed so very much over the last few months.
He can sit alone for a few moments, he is almost crawling and can scoot and roll anywhere he wants, his tooth is so very close to coming in (I can see the white under the gum now!), he is eating three times a day, he hates green beans, he loves carrots and peas, he loves music and watching his daddy and little brother play, he doesn't like sleep so much but gets horribly cranky is he doesn't sleep, he talks and yells and coos, he snuggles and he is fiercely independent already. Sigh....

He wears anywhere from size 6-9 month to 12 month clothing. He is starting to nurse a little less now, except when he stays up at night and wants to eat all night! He is changing so fast. It is amazing.

Well my sweet boy, Happy wonderful six months!

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