Friday, August 21, 2009

Now that is better!

Well it is a great feeling to have internet that actually works!

Now that I have a reliable connection I hope to be able to update more often.

So lately things have been so very busy. I am almost done with the final unpacking/organizing. It has taken so much longer than I ever thought it would. I guess having two little ones will do that!

Adam is still looking for a job and we are praying that God has the perfect one lined up for him and that he will find his job soon!!! He has a pretty bad sinus infection right now but is starting to get better.

I am still enjoying every minute with my two munchkins and I am working really hard on my photography. God answered some very big prayer requests in Adam's and my marriage recently. Unfortunately our situation hadn't brought out the best in us and our marriage had suffered. But by God's grace, we have now worked through those issues and are becoming better for it. It is so amazing that if you let the Lord into an area (any area), He will do more than you could imagine. You just have to let Him in...

Austin can now write his first and last name all by himself. I know I say this a lot, but he really is so smart. We are working on the letter "U" right now and some more addition.
His favorite thing right now (in addition to start wars) is Rudolph the Reindeer. He has a stuffed Rudolph and Clarisse and he carries them all over. They even come in the car with us. He watches Rudolph (the movie), he reads the Rudolph book, then he snuggles him tight and plays all kinds of games with him. Rudolph has even earned a spot next to him in bed.
It is so much fun to watch the phases he goes through. All of his likes and dislikes. First it was Nemo and Cars when he was very young, then it was pirates, then army, now star wars and Rudolph. So precious.
Today on our walk (we walk together everyday) he found a pecan, a crape myrtle bud,and an acorn that were brought home to show Daddy. Every detail in life is just so magnified when you are a child. I hope he keeps that for a while yet!

EJ is growing like a weed. He is fully mobile now and I am almost done child proofing. He doesn't quite "crawl" per say but scoots and rolls where he wants to go. He can push himself up completely and even get his knees under him. He is so strong! I don't think it will take long at all for him to be officially crawling.
He is still teething. That little tooth just wont pop through! It is right there under the gum! So in the meantime my little man is a drool machine and anything in sight just has to be chewed on! He eats three meals a day and today he ate more than ever! His nights have become a little more difficult as well. I suppose that could be due to his teething? He is now waking up and coming into bed with me anywhere from 2-4am. He use to sleep through. He still tries to take three naps a day as well. I guess he is going through a period of transition?
His language has also really taken off. He has been able to say "Da-Da", "Nigh-Nigh" (night night), and "Hi" for a while now. However, just a day ago he now says "Ma-Ma"!! I am so happy!! He uses them all appropriately as well. Just last night he told me "Ma-Ma nigh-nigh"!! He was so tired and ready for bed. I am amazed he started talking so young but I guess he is trying to keep up with his brother all ready. He can sit now for longer periods of time too. They just grow so fast! His favorite thing to play with these days is his stuffed camel from IKEA. He loves the tag! LOL. For some reason he loves tags! I just try to soak in as much as possible during this time. I know it won't last very long!

Time really does have a way of slipping by. I can't believe my babe is 6.5 months. I can't believe it is almost SEPTEMBER! I just can't believe it.

So we are hanging in there. God really is good. Thank you to everyone for your prayers as we have felt them all!!

Also, Thank you Peggy so very much for the beautiful baby clothes! I just got them today and they are wonderful! Your generosity is overwhelming! We appreciate it more than you could know! Thank you!

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