Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Today I am learning just how far I can lean into the Lord. Easton has been screaming for hours now and I have tried everything to help him. Something is obviously wrong since he won't eat and he is crying so much. He is definitely in a lot pain. I just gave him motrin to try to help a little.
In moments like this, when so much is collapsing around, I have to rely on Jesus more than ever.
I rest in the fact that nothing is too large or too small for the Creator. Easton is securely held by the Great Physician and I am blessed in that!
So as life is put on hold to tend to our youngest, as doors close, I try to focus that new doors, new pathways, will be opened by Him. New directions to take and to embark.
So as I lean a little farther, I do so knowing that no matter how far I have to lean, the Lord will never let me fall.

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