Thursday, December 10, 2009

guess what?

12.10.09 010
We now
12.10.09 006
have an amazing
2009-12-10 collage
TEN month old!
12.10.09 023
We love you EJ!
12.10.09 020
We are so thankful for each and every moment with you!
12.10.09 017
Happy TEN months!
12.10.09 030


Elizabeth said...

Happy ten months sweet boy!

Lona de Anna said...

YAY...and many many many many many many many ( x 1000) more to come sweet EJ :)

Mrs Bee said...

Check out that happy face!!

Happy 10 months cutie!!


Laurie said...

I love the pics you took of him!! They are great and show his happiness!! Happy 10 months, little EJ!! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy ten months!!!!

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