Thursday, January 21, 2010

shaking the dust off

Well, here I am. It is good to be back.
While I have been away, much has happened and must is still left to do. It is a crazy blend of chaos right now but I wanted to stop by.

Our move has been delayed until the 31st so we were given some breathing room there. Also, a different living opportunity presented itself and if it it happens it will be great! If it doesn't, then we still have our original plan as backup!
We still have a ton of packing to do. I can not adequately explain my disdain for packing, but given light to the fact that those in Haiti would love to be in this situation, I am rejoicing for everything I have. I am infinitely grateful for the roof over head, the spaghetti on the stove, the cloth diapers on a little bum resting in my lap. I am so grateful for solid ground and I am grateful for this move.

Even though we are downsizing quite dramatically, I am blessed beyond measure. I have all my needs met. All our small day to day things, are luxuries to so many in the world. Every shower, every pot of boiling water, every meal. Every small item of clothing currently on the bedroom floor, everything is a blessing.
In light of so much suffering I feel so small and so inadequate. I can't go there although my heart is. I can't give large amounts of money that I don't have. But I can pray. We all can. I pray that somehow, someway God will bring glory from this. I just ache for them so deeply.

But God will bring glory!! Where there is pain, there will be comfort. Where there is suffering there will be peace. What is broken will be restored! I pray all these things!

So life has been heavy while I have been away. Busy, wonderful, but heavy.
Easton is doing very well. We finally have a diagnosis...kind of. His shwachman diamond test came back negative, leaving us with autoimmune neutropenia. He also has eczema, transient pancreatic insufficiency (although in remission right now thank God!!), and malnutrition caused hydrocephalus. All is manageable at this time! So I have an immune compromised child. He is in the "severe" category but we are holding strong. There is no treatment due to the fact that his marrow produces white blood cells, but his own immune system kills them off. It's tricky.
But spring will come and it will bring so much. One thing will be the end of flu season. Brighter days are coming. Can you feel it?

Easton is also crawling on his hands and knees only now. No more army crawl! He is cruising like a pro and can even make it up the stairs now. Walking is still a ways off but everyday he gets closer. His eating is amazing as he now has a ferocious appetite. He also has a ferocious temper! He is a passionate one!
Austin is doing great as well. He is getting so close to reading. So close! He has energy like a hurricane but is a great big brother.
We had a scare a few days ago though. Austin hit his head and had a seizure and then stopped breathing and was unconscious. As I ran up the stairs to Adam, I had him in my arms lifeless, and I have never known a feeling like that. Fear doesn't do it justice. However, after a ct and other tests he is fine! Parenting these two boys is going to get the best of me!
But really he is great and I love seeing life through his eyes. From legos to bugs, he amazes me!
I may be on and off for a while but I am sure you will understand. So much is happening and so much is changing. There is even a whisper of a job opportunity. More on that later....

Thank you friends for all your support and prayers. Thank you for everything!



elizabeth said...

welcome back friend! hoping things go smoothly.

Anonymous said...

praying for you during this transition!

Laurie said...

I am soo GLAD to see you back! The boys are so precious and growing like little weeds. I'm thankful that Easton is in "remission" and I have a feeling he'll only get stronger. Austin is looking so much like your hubby. He's probably Adam's mini-me. Please take care and I'm still praying. :)

Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

Hey! Nice to see you back - I have to say I have LOVED the photography posts you had scheduled while you took a blogging break. You are so good! What kind of lens do you use the most?

I am sorry to hear about your scare with Austin. :( Oh my - if it isn't one it is the other one. Life is crazy, and you have a wonderful perspective!

Familia Diaz-Salvioli said...

I am glad to hear that EJ is doing so much better and that he is eating a lot! Thank God!!! I'll keep you and your family in my prayers so everything starts changing for better! I was happy to read about EJ! Good luck with your move! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update...glad Austin is fine and Easton is doing better!

Anna said...

Welcome back :)
sounds like there are some changes on the cards..and that the sun is peaking up behind the hills...I think its important that we all realise that what we have of value to us...lies within our hearts...the rest are just things...and you know that more than anyone x

Katie said...

Wahoo on some positive things in the future :) I hear ya about raising boys...we had Connor in the ER last week and he ended up needing a plastic surgeon from falling in the bathroom :( Geez!
I hope you continue to have positive or at least status quo luck this year!

Tracey said...

So great! I love your positivity! :)

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