Sunday, February 28, 2010

church, park, prayer

I am so tired today, but not physically so much as spiritually. My soul longs for a refuge away from the chaos.
We had a great time at church yesterday, spent the afternoon making burgers and then walking at the park. Since then I have been submerged in prayer.
Some things are changing over here and I am praying that the Lord continues to mold me and that I be changed into what He desires. To be transparent to such an extent that when you look at me, you see Him....

I'm working on being a better mother, a better wife, a better friend. I'm working on being a better believer and a better servant of the King.
There is much to work on over here and I am thankful for being shown what needs work...
Austin is ALL boy! Hunting, fishing, sword swinging, star wars loving, fast moving, lovable BOY!
Man alive I love this boy!
Easton is so lucky to have him as a big brother!
Easton is my vivacious, hungry, energetic snuggler. Still dependent on me but I catch little glimpses of the day where his dependence will shrink. It is on the horizon. I savor every moment of him being my baby. It just goes by so quickly.
I love his smile, it melts my heart.
He now has six teeth. Crawls like a maniac and loves to play. Especially with Austin!

These days are but a mist. I will savor each one and thank God for every blessing.


Lauren said...

you certainly do have two very precious and adorable little boys!!! :)

elizabeth said...

precious boys!

Anonymous said...

the boys are adorable. How come my when I take pictures they never look like yours do?!
love you sis.

Jill said...

What a sweet post! I love great days at church. I can tell how much your boys have blessed your life.

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