Saturday, February 6, 2010

whistle while you work

I have so much left to do. Seriously, I need a couple extra hours in every day! It doesn't help that EJ won't let me put him down. We are attached at the hip all day long. Between his three new teeth coming in and his current cold/upper respiratory bug, he wants to be held non stop. I love snuggling that boy but man is it hard to do the dishes one handed!! He currently naps about 30 minutes a day, and usually it is while I am nursing him to get him down. Then I try to slip away and POP, he is awake! What a stinker!

Easton has been changing sooo much the past couple weeks. He is starting to stand more and more all by himself and can almost push himself into the standing position with out pulling up on anything. Crawling is second nature now and cruising is easy. I think it wont be long till he takes his first steps! I just can not believe it!
What has really changed though is his personality. He is no longer a baby. Not in any sense. He is a toddler and I don't know how it happened! He is talking more and communicating what he wants (and what he doesn't want). He is VERY vocal and very loud. This is new to me because Austin was and is a very quiet and very calm child. Easton is the opposite. Loud and proud. He is demanding, loving, short tempered, snuggling, hitting, kissing, screaming, whispering, angry and super sweet. He is a complex little man to say the least. The temper tantrums he is already starting to throw are...well...perplexing. I so thought this behavior wasn't suppose to appear until 2 lol!
He is still really attached though. The independence hasn't really emerged yet. I have to be in eyesight and usually he has to be held or be able to touch me at all times.
He still nurses great and we are co sleeping with no end in sight. He is a joy every minute of every day and I am so thankful to have this beautiful boy.
His new thing this week is that he can point to your eyes, nose, and mouth on demand. He can even say "eyes" and point to them! He is so smart! He has started coloring also and will take a crayon and color on paper. His eyes light up and he gets the biggest smile when he starts to color. He is amazed by that!
To think where we were. Facing a stroke and brain damage, to hitting and exceeding milestones. God is so good!
He is also eating like a champ. He demands his meals promptly and usually eats three servings. He is such a hungry babe. His next appointment is February 11th and I can only imagine he has gained some serious weight.
He is sick right now with a nasty bug (we all have it) and I am praying it doesn't turn into more. No fevers! I don't not want him in the hospital next week. I actually want to make it longer than 5 weeks without having to be hospitalized. Especially since his birthday is next week! Here is to a healthy and amazing birthday! One whole year. Amazing.
I can not wait till his party on thursday. I am so excited! I wish you all could come :)

Austin is the best big brother ever. He has really taken his role seriously. He is my wild, calm, loud, quiet, playful, shy, genius, inquisitive, talking, sweet, beautiful boy. He is so smart it is astonishing. He flies through his school work books with little instruction. He is fiercely independent and can do most everything by himself. He loves making me food and I love eating it lol! His imagination is so inspiring. He loves taking care of Easton and often pours him a drink or gets him a snack. He recently has been playing with him more and more. He loves him so very much.
We have decided homeschooling is the avenue for us and I have been looking into a curriculum for him. I am so excited to share in his education. I was an elementary education major in college and since I will never teach in the classroom, I am excited to help Austin learn. He truly is a joy to teach.
He is staring to read some words now and his handwriting is getting better. When we do math he cracks me up. He says "Two plus one is three, Two plus one MINUS, is one." He adds the minus to the end. I love the way his mind works and I can see him learning and growing before my eyes. Getting him to sit down for school work is interesting though so I have to be pretty creative there.
So anyone with advice on homeschooling curriculums would be great! What have you done, what do you like? Recommendations?

Our new home is slowly coming a long. I still have all the decor I need to put up and lots of pictures. I also still need to unpack all the clothes. All in all though we are making progress!
See for yourself...
day one
day three
I like unpacking. It is so soothing and methodical. I love putting things in their new home. In that perfect spot.

And last but not least pictures of my cuties!
my blue eyed red headed baby
my sweet big boy (who was freezing in this pic! It was snowing on move in day!)
wanting to join in on our school lessons!
Thanks so much everyone for your well wishes on our move!!
I can't wait to share EJ's birthday with you all!!I just love birthdays! It only helps that my birthday is next week as well and then valentines day! What an awesome week! What are all your plans for V day??


elizabeth said...

I dont have any homeschooling advice but I think it is great you are choosing to go that route! Also, the progress you made is awesome! I would never get that much done that quickly with two little ones! Sorry for the current bug, I will be praying EJ only gets better and gets the best birthday ever...he deserves it!Here is to many more amazing years!

Anonymous said...

don't have many plans for Vday this year! Happy early birthday to you and sweet EJ. What a year you all have had!

Taylor @ Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too said...

I saw your on Dallas Momtourage! Love your blog-Im a new follower!

prayers4z said...

Ah look at the progress that is happening at your house?! I am so very happy for you all! What a blessing and happy birthday to EJ!!! xoxo

KK said...

You are further along than me and I have no one but me to take care of. Oh dear, you deserve an award!

Jess said...

So glad that EJ's doing so well, and that your house is coming together!!! It looks so cute & cozy; I hope it's the perfect fit for you guys!

Laurie said...

Glad you are making progress! The pics of your little men are precious. I'm glad you liked my post. Happy EARLY Bday to you!! Hope you have a wonderful and blessed day!! :)

Crystal said...

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog --I am not a good blogger! :)

I have to tell you -- I love love love your set up in your new home!!!! Beautiful!!! It just looks so warm and inviting!!! I can't wait to see how you decorate it!

And can I just tell you your little guy is sooo adorable I could just eat him up!!! I don't know how you are able to get anything done he is just tooo cute! :)

I was thinking I don't have any homeschooling advice (I need advice! ha!) but I am going to check back here--I have to get pretty creative to get Caleb to actually sit down too! Once we start he is fine but it is the getting there part that gets a little crazy--I feel like I am always trying to come up with ways to motivate him! :)

You are the cutest and I just love your writing and your heart for our Jesus! I hope you guys feel better soon!

Whitney said...

Ok, I just posted, and now I found your old blog and your "story" I was looking for! :) I'm so sorry about your miscarriages! I had 1 and that was devastating. I can't imagine 6! I'm so glad you get to be a SAHM now! Yay!

Tracey said...

So happy to hear EJ is doing well. That's great news! And Austin is such a super big brother. So sweet! :)

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