Wednesday, April 7, 2010

my loves

Here are some pictures of my two little loves from Easter! Which by the way was wonderful!!
Before church, we had our egg hunt, and the boys enjoyed what the Easter Bunny brought them. My favorite thing was their Easter baskets! Austin's was a clone helmet, and EJ's was a dump truck basket! Soo cute!
EJ has decided the best food on earth is jelly beans. He will devour them before you even see what he is doing! So we have to keep any and all candy far out of reach! That boy is sneaky!
Austin had a blast, and as usual found all the eggs in a matter of minutes!
But it was so great. My two boys. I can't believe how blessed I am to have them...

Church was awesome and I am eternally grateful for a God who loves me more than I can fathom. Why I am worthy of a love such as that is inconceivable. I am not worthy, but He loves me anyways. He loves all of us. Bound to a cross to pay the wages of my sin, so that I may live eternally with Him in Heaven. I just can't wrap my mind around that one. How this was a story written before time existed. How so many scriptures (hundreds) were fulfilled through Jesus. How I am a part of all of this. You are a part. How truly sovereign He is. Amazing. That single day, long ago, changed everything. I am so grateful for that.

I truly hope you all had a wonderful Easter as well!! I am trying to catch back up now that I am back online.

And here are the pictures!














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