Saturday, August 21, 2010


Well here we are at the end of summer. For us, school starts Monday. I have been talking so much about homeschooling and I can't believe the time has actually come. It is time to put on my teacher hat and dive in.
This past week has brought a whirl wind of emotion and I am still processing it all.
For starters
1. I quit my work from home job which was bittersweet and complex for me. I am adjusting though and anxious to follow Gods calling for me right now. God has been speaking to me for a while now about being still, being submissive to His divine will, and being hopeful in our new path. Finally, after much debate, I am ready for this next step. (I have no idea why I even bother to debate with God, but I do it all the time. Maybe if I learned to acknowledge that He knows know me best and our situation best, and the wants what is best for me, I would be so much better off and less stressed out. So much of being a Christian is not seeing ourselves as Christ-like (because we are not) but seeing ourselves for what we are-needing Christ. I know I am nothing without Him.)

2. We found out Adam got a promotion! This is huge for our family in so many ways. I am so proud of him and how hard he has worked since we moved to Texas. It isn't easy starting over in life and he has done it with grace and strength. I love that man!

3. Also we found out our pastor is leaving the end of this month and we are heartbroken. Although the church was not built on our pastors shoulders (it was built on Jesus), I am so sad to see him leave. He inspired, encouraged, and taught that you have NEVER locked eyes with someone with whom Jesus wasn't madly in love with. Our church is a church that DOES, that SERVES, and LOVES, and I hope and pray that foundation will remain.

Yes I just did bullet points. Call me crazy but life is hectic and sometimes my type-A self can only process things with numbers or bullets in front. :)

So here is to change, new starts, new beginnings, and new possibilities. I'm so excited!

Not the best picture, but what a beautiful rainbow. God is so good all the time, but especially during storms.

My little rainbow watcher. Adam and Austin were out on an adventure and EJ and I played outside.
I love his eyes!
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