Thursday, October 21, 2010

it's here and I'm not happy about it

Well it took two trips to Children's Medical Center, two ivs, and two doses of iv antibiotics, but our little man is getting better! Thank you for all of your prayers!

Well today marks day 1 of the "flu" season here at our house. Sweet Ej has a fever.

Adam, Austin, and EJ went to the park this morning but when they came back EJ was fussing and felt hot to me. Sure enough....100 degrees via the temple scanner. Nice.

I know you all remember last year. EJ almost didn't survive flu season. It doesn't seem possible that he was first admitted a year ago this month. How does a year slip by so fast? On the other hand, I am not ready to face this season of illness. I have to make some choices now. What level of isolation am I comfortable with and what is necessary. We have an appointment on November 11th with our hematologist and we will be going over everything. I have to admit I have been spoiled by our uneventful summer. It was nice, everything was normal. All seasons change though.

So could you say a small prayer for us, that this fall will bring health? Also maybe another, that his current fever stays low. 100.5 is the point that we have to go in for blood cultures and I really don't want that. Thank you all so very much!


trinity said...

praying! I am so sorry sweetie. hoping this fall is everything wonderful and that ej will be healthy! In Jesus name!

Shipman's Place said...

prayers sent, keep me posted, and let me know if you have to take him in, though I'm praying it doesn't come down to that.
Give my little guy lovins for me.

Anonymous said...

I will keep little EJ in my prayers!

Mama Dub said...

YAY! Comments!!!! Praying for you all!

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