Sunday, October 31, 2010

of all the falls


Years have gone and passed like whispers in the night. Flying by as almost invisible. But then there is a moment that takes your breathe. Or maybe, that moment actually allows you to breathe.


To breathe in the scent of life all around you. To truly feel as if your senses have burst into life.


These moments, these beautiful things of perfection, these are what matter most. These are what we will carry with us always.


The wind singing through the trees, the falling leaves that have given their last, the squirrels chattering, crisp breezes against bare cheeks, and two beautiful boys full of life and promise.




These are the moments. Of all the falls, this, now, is my favorite. I will savor every sweet moment...


trinity said...

this was beautiful, thankful!
gorgeous pictures too as always!

Anonymous said...

lovely. Your words are always so well written. your boys are gorgeous. enjoy every moment because they do go to fast!

nault's nook said...

trinity, thank you so much for the compliment!!

nault's nook said...

Pam, how are you friend? Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your sweet words!

Shipman's Place said...

Love the pictures, the boys are getting so big!!!

nault's nook said...

thanks trish! bryce is getting super big too! :)

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