Sunday, December 5, 2010

Grateful Buns review

Sometimes, there is something I come across that is so great, I just can not wait to share it with you! This is one of those things!
Marion, owner of Grateful Buns, has the most incredible talent! Her etsy store is overflowing with gorgeous hand made items from amazing super soaker wool diaper soakers and longies, to hand knitted items galore.
Marion stays super busy with a farm and two boys but still has time to creat these one of a kind items.

When I received a soaker for review, I was thrilled with it from the moment I opened the package. Marion's most absorbent and thick soakers are called "underwater" and the soaker I received was a "half underwater". There are a couple of things that set her soakers apart that I just love. First of all, notice how the stitching is outward? I loved that! That means only the softest seams are facing EJ. Babies are super sensitive and I know I wouldn't want any itchy serging against their tender skin. However, you could always turn it inside out if you wanted for a more finished look.
Also, her soakers are the thickest most flawless wool ever. If you are familiar with an aristocrat, these are even more thick and wonderful. The fit is great and there is just enough stretch. Her sewing skills are perfection and I have to add that she must lanolize her soakers with a lanolin/lavender mix because they smell heavenly. We have been using ours at night for a few weeks and it still smells so so good! If you have a super soaker this is definitely the cover for you! There is nothing going to get past her underwater soakers! Definitely the most bulletproof cover we have! Lastly, her prices are amazing and you truly are getting the most bang for your buck with a Grateful Buns cover. Beautiful, well made, and a workhorse diaper cover all for under $20. Can't beat it!

So now you are wondering how you can get one of these for your very own? Just hop on over to Grateful Buns and order to your hearts content. Trust me you will love your new soaker! Also, any of you who order, just let Marion know you came from Nault's Nook and she will discount any item $2 for you! Now what are you waiting for!?

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