Monday, May 23, 2011

graduation, bee stings, and an update (aka totally random)

Well these last few weeks have been crazy busy around here and it seems to be only getting more so! This summer I will have more on my plate than I ever have and I am trying hard to mentally prepare for it all. Although I think with some things we make it through by grace alone and can't really prepare for them in advance. I'm going to need a lot of grace, Ha!

Rambling aside I wanted to share some things with you all!
First up is my sweet little kindergartner graduate! How cute is he!? His graduation ceremony was amazing! The theme was Princes and Princesses since they are all children of the King! Loved it! They all sang songs and put on performances. Austin's song was "My Father's House" by Audio Adrenaline. SO cute! Then at the end the principal read them all letters from God. It was amazing and so moving. I love having him supported by believers, especially with all that has happened in the past 6 months.

Words cannot express how proud I am of him. It is not easy starting the school year more than half way through but he did and was great! He has made a lot of friends and learned a lot in the last few months. He has been going to the private kindergarten at our church and it has been a blessing. He already knew a couple children in his class from Sunday school and his class is the only kindergarten class there. There were only 8 other students so he got a lot of one on one time. During this difficult time of transition it has offered a wonderful outlet for him emotionally and physically. I am so very thankful! This Wednesday is his last day and it is bitter sweet. I am in the process of enrolling him in public school for next year and that is causing a lot of anxiety for me. I am very pro-homeschool/private school and have some conflicting emotions about public school. I am putting it in God's hands and trying to have peace with this decision.
I am just so so proud of my sweet first born. Words can simply not express it!

Austin is reading now and EJs favorite thing in the world is to read books (and do puzzles)! Every once in a while, in between legos and wrestling, I can get him to read to EJ. They just finished reading "Polar bear, Polar bear what do you hear?", so he kept wanting to say what do you hear but he caught on :) It melts my heart to watch them interact so sweetly. These moments with them young are just so fleeting. I can't wait to have another boy and see how they all interact! Or I may lose my sanity :) We will see!

So with school ending this week I am looking forward to summer. I officially start my classes on June 6th. I will be going full time through out the summer and fall. Luckily all of my summer and fall classes are online. That was a huge blessing and answered prayer. With being 8-9 months pregnant and then having a newborn, I couldn't imagine having to go to classes on campus (an hour from where we live). I am anxious enough as it is about my summer classes! I will be having Matthew directly in the middle of my summer semester and I am just praying for God's hand to be on that whole situation. Then to make it even more interesting, Adam is traveling out of state for a business trip for about three weeks over the summer. And then there is Vacation Bible School at the end of June and planning playdates so the boys don't go crazy. Just pray for my sanity please! I think I am going to need it! I know we will make it somehow, I will just be looking forward to getting into a groove that works. I think my house may never be clean again :) But seriously, it may not.

On a totally random note I got stung by a bee over the weekend and had a horrible reaction. It made me so sick! However I will share what my Dr told me to do for the actually sting. Wet a tums and put the disc directly on the sting site for 30 minutes-1 hour. It takes away all sting and redness and swelling. It was amazing! I love home remedies that actually work!! Not much helped with the dizziness and vomiting but that is a whole different story! Lets just say I will be avoiding bees this summer!

Oh and today is day 4 of no nap for EJ. If you don't hear from me in a few days, you may need to send in some reinforcements!!

Hope you all are having a wonderful Monday and I can't wait to hear all about your summer plans!

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