Monday, August 1, 2011

Introducing Matthew Ryan

Well I thought I would finally share our newest little man and how he made his debut :)
Thursday 7/27 we got to the hospital at 5am and they started pitocin. I had been having contractions regularly for weeks and my body was ready. I was already a 3 when we got there and having contractions. At around noon my doctor came in and checked me (still a 3 ha!) and then broke my water. This is pretty typical of my previous inductions and I knew at that point things would get harder. They did :) After about 30-45 minutes or so I was able to get my epidural and then tried to relax. The epidural was great and this time was the first time I was ever given a pump that I could control. I thought that was the greatest. Pretty quickly though I realized something had changed and my pain was very diffferent. Thinking I had lots of time as I was just a 3 (and both Austin and EJ weren't born till the night of their inductions), I just tried to rest. Matthew had been tolerating labor well but now was having some decels and the alarms kept going off. They came in and gave me oxygen and said that based on the monitor I could be complete. They checked me and I was! I could not believe it went that quickly. I knew the pain had changed! Knowing how quickly I push, they scrambled to get my OB and told me to wait. My epidural was a light one and that was the worst pain for me. Needing to push but not being able to. I had to hold that way for 15 minutes and finally my Dr was there. Only pushed a couple times and sweet, big, Matthew was born! He was born at 2:54 weighing 8lbs 9oz and 20 inches long. He has blue eyes and medium brown hair and I am completely in love! He seriously has the biggest cheeks imaginable!

When Matthew was born we noticed he had blisters all over and at first were really concerned. The pediatrician on call though said it was nothing to worry about and it was pustular melanosis and would resolve on its own. He is still really rashy but it is slowly getting better. So if you notice anything in his pictures that is what it is! Right after birth he also had some issues holding his temp and some problems breathing. They ended up keeping him in the nursery that day and over night but he was back with us in the morning. We were both able to go home after only 24 hours. Since then he is nursing great and we are fine tuning that latch. He does not like to open wide! He has also been on meds for staph and a double eye infection but stopped all that last night. Now today I noticed some white patches in his mouth and am pretty sure it is thrush. Waiting on the Dr to call back with nystatin. Hoping now he can get a little break and just focus on regaining his birth weight! Im just so happy and grateful for a healthy boy despite some minor issues. Here are some pictures of the first couple days!
                                                                    Proud Daddy
Chunky Cheeks :)
Going home!
Meeting the boys!
3 days old
4 days old
And today at 5 days old. He has already changed so much!!
I am just so in love with this little precious boy. He is such a gift and such a blessing. Words can not describe how I feel. A mom of three boys. Perfection.

Here are some fun videos I thought I would share!
Labor :)

Adam and Matthew. A fathers love...

Matthew meeting the boys for the first time.

Thank you all for all the positive thoughts and prayers along the way. Just so over the moon in love! 


Krista said...

Awww, congrats on this little one. He is absolutely gorgeous. I love the picture of all three boys together (and I love that you've already changed your blog header!).

Jess said...

Congrats Elle! He is beautiful. And so exciting to have a newborn again :)

Laurie said...

Congrats!! He's a cutie! :)

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