Saturday, September 24, 2011

fall is here!!!

We have had a busy week but my favorite part was probably yesterday. The first day of fall started off with a little marathon for our big first grader! The "fun run" event was to raise money for his school and every student participated. There goal was 30 laps (in an hour) and Austin did 40! They were so precious and really resembled a giant stampede. EJ just watched but really wanted to join in and Matthew slept in the ergo. I was so excited that I actually brought my camera to take some pics. Well, I forgot my cf card. I tell you my brain has gone missing these days! I did snap a few with my iphone.
After picking Austin up from school we decided to go to the park since the weather has been so nice. The boys enjoyed it but I couldn't believe Austin still had energy! Matthew slept the whole time (again) in the ergo. That boy loves to be worn!


Afer the park we went home and had the typical crazy evening :)
Today, Austin and I both woke up with colds. Tis the season. Our playdate has been cancelled and we will just be hanging out around the house getting better.
Also, I wanted to add that Matthew is now 8 weeks old. Can not believe it! He goes three hours between feeds and is a happy baby but demands to be held while he is awake. Another needy one will fit right in ha! I will try to do a picture/update post for him this week.
Enjoy the first weekend of fall everyone!!

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