Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A happy labor day and a very smiley baby! (a very random post!)

We had a rough week last week with Matthew and had some colic that was just awful. He would start screaming at about 2pm and it would continue till about 9pm when we finally went to bed. It was exhausting and I felt just horrible for Matthew. Since I have already eliminated almost everything from my diet, I knew it was something else. He has been throwing up a lot and choking a lot, so we started him back on the zantac and within 24 hours there was a complete change. He hasn't had one fussy evening since starting the zantac! He is on a good schedule now too where he wakes up around 7 and then I change him and feed and he goes back to sleep off and on till about 9. He is awake for maybe an hour and then he eats again and takes his long morning nap from 10 till about 12:30.
 Then he wakes up for lunch, eats, and goes back to sleep for a couple hours. Then around 5 he wakes up for the evening and just looks around and watches everything. He usually stays awake till 7 when he goes to bed. He still wakes up a ton at night but goes right back to sleep so I am not complaining!
Our labor day was nice. We spent it outside since it was the most amazing weather we have had in probably 6 months! It was in the high 70's and literally felt like heaven to me. We spent the day as a family at the park and then I ended it grocery shopping :) The best part? These adorable melt-my-heart smiles that I caught on camera! He smiled for the first time on sunday so monday I was determined to catch one! They are really blurry as I couldnt look through the camera to focus because I had to look at Matthew and talk and smile at him to get him to smile back. I am just so thankful I managaed to get a few. He is such a sweet happy baby now. Loves to snuggle his mommy and loves to eat. He is in 6 month clothing now and is a serious chunk!
I had my 6 week postpartum appointment this morning and they were cracking up and his rolls. He loves to eat :) Also I am down 30 pounds and have 10 more to go. I have a lot of work to do in regards to strengthening and toning but as of this weekend I can fit into my big jeans. Barely :) But I wore them and it felt amaxing to wear something other than maternity. I have a feeling it will take me quite a while to get back to what I was. This boy did me in but he is worth every inch.

Also this post is completely filled with super long run on sentences. I offer no aplogies :)
Hope you all had a wonderful labor day and are enjoying this 4 day week!!!

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Laurie said...

Poor little fella. He's little smile is so adorable!

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