Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Well we seem to be running a pediatric clinic these days. The bugs come at us faster than we can recover from the last batch! I suppose a lot of this is normal for a family with a school age child. They bring home EVERYTHING. Sweet Austin is the current victim and has been running a fever for two days and was throwing up last night. Today, however, he seems to be a bit better and actually ate some lunch with us. We need food to nourish our bodies and we need Food to nourish our souls. I have been reading the bible the past couple months and am now in Isaiah. I though I would be bored to tears reading the old testament but I have loved it. I am learning so much about who God really is by reading all the stories. I actually look forward to reading it at night :) I am sure it will take me a while but I am exited to one day be able to finish it. Paragraph by paragraph, bite by bite.
So thankful for these boys, and for my Father.

And you can totally see where Austin popped the blood vessels in his eyes from getting sick last night. The exact same thing happens to me every time. Poor guy!

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