Sunday, September 14, 2008

wonderful, blissful sunday

Well despite the fact that my two men are sick, we are having a very wondrous day. Today has a serene calmness that is so contagious.

So in addition to this being Sunday, and I love Sunday, these are some other things that we have been up to.....

Austin got a... FABULOUS hair cut from yours truly!!! I am no hair cuttery and well my lack of talent shows. However it is an improvement over his very long locks. Also if you knew what I had to do for him to let me cut his hair, you would be impressed! I think the time has come that we need to move on to professional help in the hair department!

I made the most delicious breakfast. At least Tad and I thought so. Scrambled eggs with spinach, tomato, bell pepper, cheese and salsa. MMMMMMMMM....that spells BLISS...

Austin and I build a "tank" this morning. I am pretty sure that will be going on my resume! It was even equipped with cannons. ;)

We had a picnic outside on our dock. It was nice outside actually. Had a breeze and the mosquitoes we not bad. I love the outdoors and having fabulous company while dining outside make for one good lunch. Thank you Austin!

Tad is wiggling around letting mommy know he is safe and sound. Speaking of Tad I finally took a belly shot. I am not promising quality here. I am just proud I took one.

And now, here I am blogging in my pink Farve jersey. All three of us are wearing ours and are excited for this football season!

Alright and now the picture proof....I really do LOVE Sundays. Thank you Jesus for this amazing and beautiful day.

Go Farve

Picnic time! Here mommy I want to share with you!!

Lost in thought or food?.....sigh look at that hair......

Our snack! Can you tell I have food on my mind today?

My two sick men....sniff...

Here I am at 16 weeks!! Up 5 pounds now!

Toby felt left out so I had to take a pic!

And last but not least here was my breakfast....mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I hope all of you are having a wonderful BLESSED Sunday as well.

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