Friday, October 3, 2008

Half way there and some other stuff!!

Well here I am at 19 weeks! I can not believe it! Since I will be induced early I am over half way done with this pregnancy. That fact alone is both extremely exciting and scary. I can not wait to meet this baby!
We are starting to really get going with the nursery. I have the crib set up and the changing table. The bedding is already washed and put in the crib. I know I still have lots of time, but nesting has come early for me. I had an ultrasound at 18 weeks and everything looked AMAZING. The kidneys, brain, stomach, everything. We stuck to our guns and did not find out the sex and I have to admit I am excited about that. Little Ella/Braden is healthy and I am so overjoyed and blessed by that fact I feel as though I am floating half the time. The kicks and movement are getting really strong now and I am getting even bigger. The joys of having no torso!!

And so this post isn't COMPLETELY pregnancy related I will share our awesome weekend last weekend with you.
We went on a boat trip (on one of Ads company boats) to an incredible resort just north of here. It was a 40ft yacht and had a cabin with two sleeping areas, a kitchen, and a full bath. I will say we had so much fun as I had never slept on a boat before. It was excruciatingly uncomfortable and I will never attempt it while pregnant again. Never less, we enjoyed ourselves so very much. Austin has so much fun swimming and seeing all the different sights. One highlight was when we saw a whole "family" of centipedes. Austin thought they were the most "adorable" things he had ever seen. He played with them and loved on them (pics to follow) and in the end, after quite a debate, released them to their freedom. I love that child so much it hurts! I love spending time with my family. Throw in some sun and water and things couldn't get much better!!

Then Adams birthday was the 29th! I can not believe another year has passed. I made his favorite dessert (fruit pizza) and we had steak and corn on the grill. Good times. I love getting older with my best friend!

Of course I will share some pics of everything for you all and I hope everyone is doing okay. God Bless...

The rogue wave that attacked Ad and Austin while walking on the beach LOL....

The resort

One of the many views.... beautiful

Captain Daddy!!!! We drove the boat up and back ourselves!!

My little co captain! Cutest one EVER!!!

Random 19 week belly pic!

Oh that face!

The friends I told you about!


I love you guys so very much!!!!

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Randi said...

Oh my gosh, YOU ARE SO CUTE!!! I love the little belly:) You are just glowing! Pregnancy fits you well girl;)

And those names!? Aww, I love them both:) One of my best friend's has a Braden and calls him Brady. So cute.

I am beyond amazed at your not finding out the sex. Oh I have to know, but good for you. It will be a fun surprise this way. I can't wait to see, he or she will be beautiful!!

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