Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What an update!!!!

Well this will be one heck of an update! Get comfy as this might get long!!!

We went to Disney the weekend before last (Actually Hollywood studios) to try to use up some tickets before the baby is born. The weather was perfect and there was tons for Austin to do, so we had a blast! We rode the new Lighting McQueen ride, we saw Playhouse Disney live, watched the Little Mermaid show, the Indiana Jones stunt show and much more. It was so much fun and we all enjoyed ourselves. I am thrilled we got to go!!!

Also as it is Halloween time, we had our yearly visit to the pumpkin patch. This tradition NEVER gets old. I love watching Austin look through all the pumpkins and pick out "just the right one"! It is amazing to me to look back at the pictures of years past and see the progression. From propping him up against the pumpkins at 6 months to picking up the pumpkins this year. Amazing!! He has grown so much. I can only imagine what Halloweens to come will bring. Especially since this is Austins last year before Baby Tad joins in on the fun!

In baby news this week I have a lot to update! I am now almost 23 weeks pregnant and everything is moving right along. Baby Tad is growing by leaps and bounds and is continuing to be larger than average. They are already estimating this baby to be bigger than Austin was. At 8 pounds 9oz, I don't know ho much larger I can handle lol....
The important thing is that this baby is perfectly healthy in every way. There is nothing I can ask for except for that.
I ordered the last of the nursery stuff this week. I am a very early nester and like everything to be done for the baby nice and early!! I am still waiting in our sweetpeace swing to arrive. I am so excited! As soon as the nursery is all done I will definitely take pictures.
I had my maternal fetal specialist appointment today and we had the best ultrasound. This was my first 3D-4D ultrasound and it was amazing! The baby weighs 1 pound 5oz and we got to watch him/her drinking and moving all around. I am so incredibly in love....

In addition to all this fun we also interviewed and decided on a pre-K for Austin. It is an amazing school and I am so excited. They teach (starting with pre-K) french, spanish, and sign language. They also have a great program for math and science. He already knows all his letters and most of his sounds so he might be ahead in that area especially since we have a year before he starts! I know August is quite a ways away but I am glad we have his school picked out. I must admit that although the thought of school is exciting, it is also terrifying. Sigh....I guess that is normal but lets just say it is a VERY good thing I have 10 months to adjust to the idea...gulp ;)

And wouldn't the perfect ending to all of this update be that Austin and I are big ole sickies this week. We have one massive head cold and it is miserable! Welcome fall!!! At least I can take antibiotics!!!

Well that's it for now! Once again, thank you for all of your prayers!

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Erin said...


Do we know if Tad is a he or a she or are you planning to be surprised?

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