Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day!!

Well I hope everyone is wearing something green :)

Okay, so today EJ is 5 weeks old. I am costantly amazed by this little boy! He is growing so fast! Yesterday at the pediatricians office he weighed in at 10lbs 9oz! That means he gained a whole pound in just four days! I have offically stopped worrying about my milk supply now. I am so glad he is gaining so well! He does have dermatitis on his face and it looks miserable. My poor baby! We started using the california baby calendula lotion, and it does seem to be helping. We also have been referred to a gastro Dr. because of his reflux and his episodes where he stops breathing due to choking. At this point he should be eating and breathing easily and he is not. 90% of the time he is fine but then he will have an episode of choking and thus the lack of breathing. Not fun! After going to ER last week we were told what we already knew....reflux. Hopefully he will outgrow it quickly and not have to suffer much longer. I am still waiting for my angel care monitor and it should be here any day. Then I can rest knowing my babe is okay and breathing just fine in his crib. We also got a lift so he will be elevated while in his crib.

Oh and speaking of deliveries, I am now waiting for some new cloth dipes!!! I could not be more excited! I ordered a bumgenius 3.0, a fuzzi bunz one size, a happy heiney one size, some premium prefolds, and a medium and large thirsties cover. I am just so excited. I tell you when all this gets here it will be like Christmas! I will be sure to take pictures of everything and tell you what I think about them!
(Oh and while we are on a CDing note, I wanted to let anyone know who is having diaper rashes while CDing, that if you put fleece liners in the prefold every change, the rash goes away! I made my own liners by cutting up fleece fabric and within 24 hours we had no rash! It really does keep the moisture away...YAY)

Okay on to better and cuter things. Here are some pictures of my little cuties. Enjoy!


Jess said...

What little cuties!! Love EJ's onesie :)

I've been eying that Rainforest Jumperoo - how do you like it? Logan needs an activity "thing" to engage with more, and I also like the idea of it keeping the baby upright. Would you say it's worth the cost? I'm trying to find one on Craigslist!

austins mom said...

EJ already HATES laying down. He has a play mat where they lay down and look up...not for him! The jumparoo works great. He is oviously still really young for it but already likes it. I am hoping as he gets bigger he will play in it more. I highly recommend some type of activity center where they are upright. Austin loved his when he was a baby! I hope you find one on craigslist!

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