Wednesday, March 11, 2009

rock and roll...update

Enjoying tummy time!

What are you looking at?

See or speak no evil

Can you see the red in my hair?

Austin loves his little bro!

sleeping peacefully!

Okay well what a week it has been. I think I say that all too often!

Well for starters I had the horrible pleasure of taking little EJ back to the hospital today. He is having episodes where he stops breathing. It is usually either during a feed or shortly after. He will choke, then stop breathing, then have labored breathing for about 10 minutes after the episode. It is very very scary. He also has problems eating and breathing at the same time. This is usually the cause of these episodes. SO..after a long day at the hospital, we were sent home and told "reflux".............
I know he has reflux but no one is doing anything for it. SO now I worry that in the middle of the night he will stop breathing and no one will be there to get him started again. We are now buying the angel care monitor so we will be alarmed of any such event. As I type this Adam is holding him and trying to coax him to breathe....not what we need. We were recommended to see a speech/suck therapist to work on the breathing/feeding thing. We will see if anything comes from that. So keep us in your prayers. My poor little boy is just having a rough start in life....

Okay now on to the positive.
The big brother party was fun and Austin really loved it. He does occasionally struggle now with certain issues of being a big brother. He sees that Mommy can't do everything right when asked. He has to be more patient. He does a great job but he is still only 3 and I have to remember that. He just loves EJ so very much that it melts my heart to watch him with him. I love that he has this bond already and I look forward to watching it grow.

So now Easton is one month old! I can not believe it! I really can not believe my little baby is one month old! Just to show us how strong he is he started rolling over on Sunday. He was on his belly and rolled right over. So I put him back and he did it again. Anytime he gets tired of being on his tummy now he just flips right over. I can not believe it! My little overachiever! I will try to get it on video soon ;)

Oh and as of today my butter ball baby is 9lbs 6 oz!! Almost a pound in a week! YAY! So weight gain is definitely not an issue anymore!!

So all in all we are doing well. Just as long as this breathing issue resolves we should be smooth sailing. I am hoping to not see an ER/hospital in a long long time.....

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