Friday, April 17, 2009

this week in pictures

Can I tell you that I LOVE babylegs and I love the legs that go in the babylegs even more ;)

Ahhh yes...the new decor. You see being a Mom means allowing such decor to happen! My little designr was very, very pleased with this and I was too! I think it adds a special something...

EJ likes it!!

And the designer himself. Trust me when I say it did not end there. My whole room, kitchen, and living room got made over. We even threw a little party and made cookies and frog eye salad to show case his design :)

Last but not least our trip to the beach...oh I love the beach. EJ enjoyed his first tip. He slept right through!


Jess said...

Looks like a wonderful time at the beach! Your beach actually looks soft and clean...we have lots of icky kelp and tar here :-/

What type of sling are you using for EJ?

austins mom said...

I have the hot sling right now. I think it is pretty usable but I am really wanting an adjustable sling like the moby wrap. Sometimes it is hard to get my chubby monkey in our current sling! So to be able to wrap one around him would be great. Plus the moby utilizes both shoulders! I think that will feel so much better.

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