Tuesday, April 21, 2009

a new lunch guest, a fun video, an update, and mastitis take 2

So we were eating our lunch and look who came to join us in our backyard! I can't help but to feel bad for the little lizard...

You HAVE to watch this. I had no idea he knew this song. I guess Daddy doesn't only sing lullabies at night ;)
(make sure to pause the music at the bottom first)

Davie Crocket from E Nault on Vimeo

Alright so we had EJ's two month check up on monday. He is 13lbs 15oz and 22.75 inches long. Head measures 40cm. He continues to grow very well. Our pediatrician is so thrilled with how well he is doing. We also decided to delay all his vaccines until 6 months due to his severe allergies. We also discovered he is allergic to beef. He is actually allergic to the cow protein in milk and unfortunately this is also in beef. So, only turkey meatloaf for this mama!! Despite all these things, he is so darn cute! He is smiling all the time and "talking" up a storm. His little personality is taking off and I LOVE it! I can't believe he is 10 weeks today!! Oh how time flies when your having fun!

All toasty after a bath. He loves his baths!

Austin is also doing great! He truly is so very smart! We have been working on addition and subtraction and he is doing very well! Math is definitely a strength for him. Phonics are going well as he is memorizing all the sounds the letters make. He can also tell you what letter a word starts with just by hearing it. Of course certain letters are easier for him. He is my sweet, kind, affection, ball of energy.

As for me, I have been battling another bout of mastitis. This time it hit my right breast. The only reason this is bad is because that is the side that produces the majority of Eastons food. The supply on my left side was wiped out due to the mastitis a couple months ago. Well now, my supply has suffered on the right as well. This is very dangerous because EJ can not take a bottle at all. So if I can't make enough milk, we will have to feed him with a dropper. Can you imagine how long that will take? So please, please pray that my supply rebounds quickly and no permanent decrease will occur. I know that everything will work out, hopefully....

Well that's it for this post! I will keep you updated.
God Bless!


wifeandmom said...

What a pretty blog you have. The music is so nice too. I am sorry you are battling mastitis. I struggled with plugged ducts with my first child and somehow escaped it with my second. They hurt bad enough. I cannot imagine mastitis... Have you considered contacting La Leche? They have volunteers who are so willing to help and usually there is a group that meets for support in most areas. You may have already. I did and some of their suggestions really helped me. One of the things I tried and it worked for my low milk supply was fenugreek. I took it in tablet form. I took so much I started to smell like maple syrup but hey, it worked! :)

I have not read down far enough but it sounds like you are homeschooling. I am amazed at how much you are doing with your 4 year old! Wow, that is great. I have a long way to go in this department but am feeling like it's really time to get a move on. We do a little each day but need to step it up and bit and he (my 4 year old) is ready.

You little guy looks GREAT for 2 months! You are feeding him quite well. I sure know what it is like to not be able to eat a variety of things because of sensitivites in the nursing child. I feel for you but it will all soon pass and you know you'll never regret it. :) Thank you for stopping by my little blog. That was really fun to see your comment.

austins mom said...

Yeah mastitis is NO fun! However, thank to the antibiotics, I am much better now!
I do not have a local LL league BUT I have a great lactation cunsultant that I am very thankful for!
As far as homeschooling goes, we do it for now. He actually starts school in August at a private preschool and will go 8-11 mon-fri. I will teach at home still to supplement the preschool. When he turns 5 and is to start kindergarten, I will then switch to homeschooling full time if we still live here. The schools where I live are in the middle of a crisis and public schools are shutting down and losing teachers. So, ubless we move, I will be doing all the schooling for kindergarten on up. Whew...confusing huh? ;)
I do have some fenugreek and I do plan on taking it again if my supply doesn't return on its own. EJ can't have formula due to his severe allergies, so I am all he has got!
Thanks so much for your sweet comment and for the great compliments!!!

wifeandmom said...

Hi again. I just read your response to me! :) Glad to hear the antibiotics helped you. Thank goodness for them when we need them. The private preschool sounds great and 8-11 isn't bad at all. That will help him ease into it if formal schooling is what you choose. I am in a quandry about that one. We've delayed vaccines and only done a few so I would have to really step it up if I choose to send my lil' guy to kindegarten. I am praying for guidance but for now we just do a little here at home. I don't know if you plan to visit much but I thought I should let you know that I changed my web address. I never really liked what I chose and it bugged me so much I had to do something about it. Now I have to tell everyone I've moved! Silly, huh? Anyway, it is:


I really just started blogging recently so I am just getting things situated. I know it will probably all slow down a lot when the baby comes in July but for now, this is my relaxation when my kids take their nap. :) I should be doing something like hopping on my treadmill or prepping dinner but this is so much more fun. It is great to get to meet wonderful mom's like you!

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