Friday, August 7, 2009

Holding on

Well I realize that I have been absent lately. Mostly this is due to our crazy internet. It rarely works and when it does it is very slow. We should have that fixed by next week though, and I hope at that point I will be on more often.

So to update you all, we are still here. We still have a wonderful roof over our heads, a freshly stocked pantry and fridge, a car that has been fixed, two beautiful amazing babes, and no jobs. Still.

Financially things are not very good. Kind of horrible really. But, God is providing. It is so amazing to sit back and watch God orchestrate everything. I finally realize I am not in the drivers seat. It makes for an easier journey knowing I am not in control.

So we may not be "out of the woods" so to speak, but things at this moment are okay. God reminds me daily to not worry about tomorrow. Today I have all I need and that is, well, all I need.

I trust in the fact that the Lord who has been providing all along will continue to do so. I know He will.

Praise God. He is amazing indeed!

In other news,
My little chubster is eating three times a day now! It amazes me just how much he LOVES food. He really is like his Mommy! I also think his eyes will stay light. Austin's were light until around a year, but EJ's are lighter. Also his hair is slowly getting more and more red. Even his eyelashes and eyebrows are turning red. So precious! He is my little ball of energy! He is such a good baby and I am beyond blessed to have him in our life. Every day he is a reminder of God's faithfulness. Our true miracle. And he is about to turn six months old...

Austin is changing quite rapidly these days. I have never known anyone with the passion for life that he has. He oozes energy and just never stops! He is brilliant, stubborn, loving, affectionate, and trying to now test some boundaries. He is walking a fine line of wanting to be independent but still wanting us to be there. It is an interesting age and I love every minute of it.

Today we went to the park across the street to feed the ducks. Just him, EJ, an myself. It was great until the geese attacked. Talk about aggressive animals. Whew!
Anyways, he had so much fun just throwing sticks into the lake. I wish I could see through his eyes sometimes. Life is just so simple and so sweet. That's the way life should be!

I love all my boys, even the old hubby! I am so blessed.

So keep us in your prayers if you can! I am praying for just the right job for Adam and I am trusting God has one in store for him. All in His time....

Thank you all so very much. For everything.
God Bless!

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Jess said...

Fun pictures! I'm glad you guys are doing better.

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