Sunday, January 3, 2010

the carpenter+ our winner!!

Carpentry. It is a lost art really.

Now a days you don't see too many dusty sweaty men pouring strength and attention into a chunk of wood. Seeing the possibilities, the potential. Grinding, scraping, carving, cutting, removing and sawing until, you see it. The beauty that He saw all along. Those carpenters are pretty creative after all. To see the beauty before hand.

To make something from nothing. Something prized and treasured. Something obviously worth value. Those carpenters, you see, are quite creative....

From a rough log they can make something so smooth and glorious. From something so unlikely, they can create a work of art.
Not surprising because, well, carpenters are rather creative....

Did you know Jesus was a carpenter? But oh, his work did not stop at logs. Oh no, He had his sights on something much more significant.


He sees the potential, the possibilities. He sees the beauty. He sees what could be, what will be. He can look straight through you and see what others can not. From something so unlikely he can make a masterpiece. And often, He sees all this before even you do.

Do you think that we are the ones holding us back? We are the ones who can't imagine that a God as unimaginable as ours, could choose us to do His work?

Fear not. All we have to do is trust. Walk where He leads for He will guide us. He will transform us. Even if we can not imagine the result. Even when we can't see His plan. Especially when we can't see it. Have faith in the carpenter. After all, they are pretty creative you know.

Alright, are you ready for our winner?

Yay! Number 16,
Tracey, you are my winner!!!!
So excited! Sent you out an email!!

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elizabeth said...

What a beautiful post! Thank you!

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