Wednesday, August 11, 2010

home is where the heart is

Well this summer has been so incredibly hot that we can't do much outside. It is awful that aside from taking Bella out, we do not venture out at all. SO the days have been filled with lots of toys and games and learning. I like the flow of our days and all the activities but I long for fall cool breezes and long walks at the park. I love being outside and can't wait for cooler air!!!
Something that has also happened this summer is a bit of decorating. Now I will tell you up front I am no decorator!!! I look at decor sites with awe. But being in the same frumpy rooms all summer inspired me to do something.
I already showed you the boys room, but I have also been working on our living room and our bedroom. I will show pictures of those soon I promise! However this post is about these beauties!!! My new apothecary jars!
Do you remember when I posted about getting to review an item for CSN? Well I choose these jars and I am so thrilled with them. I had been wanting some for a very long time and finally get to call them my own! When they arrived, they were packed perfectly insulated and were more beautiful than I had imagined. Right now they just contain a few random things, but wait till fall my friends. Just wait! I have a whole wonderful magical idea of what fall will bring to my home and hopefully it will at least resemble a smidgen of what that vision holds LOL!
But seriously, your home is where your heart is, and why not a home you love? CSN offers everything you could possibly want from children's furniture and toys to everything kitchen.
So if you need something check out their over 200 stores, and you wont be let down!

And here is a video of my precious boys. See how Austin just man handles little EJ. Brotherly love...

brotherly love from E Nault on Vimeo.

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