Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy 19 months EJ


I just can't believe it! Another month has passed are you are changing just as quickly!
You are 29 inches long and 24 pounds now. You run all of the time now and love to go go go. You love to play with balls (kicking, throwing) as they are your favorite toy. You also love bugs and music. You are very attached to your blanket which you have named "minky" and your lovey that you call "me" short for "lamby". You are well over 20 words with your newest being "lights" and "wuv eww". It seems like you learn new words daily now. You are also signing more words now. You can now sign I love you in addition to saying it and of course you sign "milk" "eat" and "more". You are taking a nap every day again now but still go to bed between 8-9. You still wake up about 5 times a night but only for a few minutes and then are up for the day at about 7:30. You are still a very picky eater but you are getting better. Your only vegetable right now is broccoli dipped in ranch and you love stuffing. You tolerate chicken but wont touch pork or beef. You love anything sour and pickles are your favorite. You recently have been liking cheese as well. We add things slowly and right now it is hit or miss. I know it will get better though. You still nurse as well about 3-5 times. You are fiercely independent but still such a baby in some ways. You love to snuggle but then you love to run free. The twos will be interesting :)
All I know is that I love you like crazy and am so blessed to have had these 19 months with you. I look forward to many many many more little one.


These pictures are from Austin's first soccer practice yesterday. He LOVED it and so did I. I can't believe I am an official soccer mom! His first game is saturday and I'm sure it will be a blast. His team is called Thunder and Austin is number 20!


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