Monday, September 13, 2010


Well this last sunday was Austin's very first soccer game. I can't believe he is old enough for soccer. I can't believe I am officially a soccer mom. How am I so blessed? How is my first born baby growing so fast.
Well with out further ramblings, here are the pictures of my sweet boy!







Austin kicked the ball once during the game and I was so proud! This next picture was the second after he kicked it.

It was a blazing hot day with no shade and not enough water. I loved it but I am going to be prepared next game! At the end they handed out snacks to the boys and exchanged "good games". They don't keep score and there was no "winner". I think we did great seeing as we only had ONE practice before this game. I cant wait to see us next week. I do have a video but it is too long for vimeo so I will try to take a shorter one next game.
Soccer. Mom.
yep I love it!
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