Friday, September 17, 2010

what we do during nap time and an announcement!




funny face!

"big eyes" LOL (his idea)

mr. serious

and my favorite

I love this big 5 year old and it breaks my heart to know how big he is but so proud at the same time. Sorry for the flash pics, poor lighting, and the fact that I didnt edit these at all. You can't always wait for perfect lighting, or editing out spots in you carpet. Sometimes you just need to record the moment! :)


In other news, I have a bit of an announcement!
Because FALL is my absolute favorite season of the year, I have decided to launch the first annual Fall-Tacular event! What does this mean for you, you may ask? Well I am glad you asked! I am going to be doing some HUGE giveaways including a KitchenAid mixer (in your choice of color)! There will be fall recipes, fall decor tips and tutorials, and all kid of fall fantastic-ness! I'm so excited! So if you love fall come join me September 22, 2010 when we start all the fun!

I know you all know about CSN from the past review/giveaway I have done for them! Well they have offered to let me do another review! I just LOVE CSN, not only do they have over 200 stores to choose from (and sell just about anything you could need) like dining tables and modern baby decor, but they are amazing people too. Everyone I have worked with has been nothing short of wonderful and kind. Truly a great company!
So look forward to that review as well, I will have something special for you then ;)

FIVE days people! Bring on the Fall!!!!
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