Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall-Tacular decor- hurricanes

I love hurricanes. They are versatile and elegant. I especially LOVE these from William Sonoma

Gorgeous right?
What I don't love is their price tag! I was blog browsing one night and I came across this post and it changed my life. Decor Chick did a great tutorial on how to do dollar store hurricanes! Can you believe it? For only 2 dollars you can make your own!
And then this post by Thrifty Decor Chick. I was hooked!
So I went and bought 5 candle sticks (1 dollar each) and two vases, two candle holders, and a weird shallow circular dish (all for 1 dollar each as well). I just hot glued them together and filled them with goodies! (I wont do a tutorial here b/c the decor chicks have pretty much got that covered :)

And here it is!

Then you just fill them with all kinds of yummy fall goodness. (Remember yesterday when I mentioned that natural elements are key?) Well go outside and gather yourself some pine cones, berries, and whatever else you want to use! Or you could go to Hob Lob and have a heart attack at all the bliss. Seriously that store will be my undoing. Who can go in there and only spend a few dollars? I try to avoid it at all costs because of the greatness of EVERYTHING in that store. But I digress...
I used acorns, pine cones, candles, tiny little nameless berries that Austin picked for me, and crape myrtle seeds. I wrapped the largest two with some pumpkin ribbon I got from Dollar Tree. That's it!

Decorating our homes should be wonderful and should show your personality, but shouldn't have to break the bank. I just love getting our home ready for the holidays!

Sorry for the horrible quality of these pictures! The lighting is really bad today and I didnt want to use flash!
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