Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall-Tacular decor- wreaths

A beautiful wreath can be so stunning, not only during fall, but year round.
However, fall and Christmas wreaths are my favorite! (no surprise there!)

This year has been a bit difficult as far as decor goes. With two moves in a year and one being across the country, I had to leave behind a lot of great "stuff". Now that we are a bit settled, I find myself having little to no budget for decorations and therefore have to make it myself with what I have on hand. But, they say necessity is the mother of invention (creation?). Or...something like that!
I have three styles of wreaths in my home right now.
One I bought, but it was from the dollar tree and cost me three dollars in supplies to make it.
The other two were free. Free. I love that word!
So in the event that any of you are not wanting to spend money on decor but would still like a little something, this is for you!

Meet my wreaths:


The first photo is of a scraggly little thing made of vines we collected on a walk. Austin was thrilled to help me collect them! He even helped me wind them together! It is still a work in progress right now but hey, it is something! That shutter was on freecycle and I painted it and distressed it and that fall vine was from dollar tree. I have another vine wreath started just like this one but I am saving it for Christmas. I am going to gather a ton of evergreen branches and glue them to the wreath come winter time! This year, decorating with natural elements is the thing to do. If you have a moment check out Pottery Barn's online tutorials and pictures for inspiration. Amazing!

The second wreath is a paper craft wreath. Truth be told, I used the cardboard from a cereal box and some beige paper with a bit of cardstock added. That is it! It takes all about 10 minutes to make!
I went ahead and made another for you to show the steps ;)

Get some cardboard (I used a box here) and two plates that will be the outside and inside edge of your wreath. You could also do a square shape if you want! Just trace the plates and cut it out!

Then get some paper or material and cut it into strips. My strips were about 1 inch by 5 inches. I really want to do this with burlap as I think that would be gorgeous!

Then heat up your hot glue gun (could use regular glue or even tape and staples if need be). Glue the ends of the strips together. Go ahead and do all the strips at once. Saves time! I used about 7 pieces of printer paper for this wreath.
Then you are going to place two strips side by side and glue them. Then glue a piece a little bit behind them in the middle. Repeat this all the way around.



And that is it! The key is that it doesn't have to be perfect. Then add some embellishments (I have plans for this little white wreath), add a little looped ribbon to the back and hang! You are finished!

Here are some other paper wreaths I have seen online that I want to try!

Have fun wreath making!

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