Wednesday, December 14, 2011

4 months! (very late)

Although I am really late posting these, I did take these when you turned four months! :)

I love your chubby hands

and your cheeks

and oh my word, those kissy lips

and of course your baby blues

Yes oh yes I love you!!!
Your naps are getting much better when you can actually take them (when ej doesn't wake you up lol) but night time sleep has gotten much worse. Instead of doing a seven hour stretch I am lucky if I get a 3-4 hour stretch. You also are waking up during the night and not wanting to go back to sleep. Mommy is very very tired and the house is pretty much always messy. You still dislike the car and scream when we go pick up Austin from school. You nurse well but you are really wanting to eat food now. You dive bomb everything I am eating! Santa is bringing you rice cereal! :)
You are 20 pounds now and wearing 12 month onsies, In separates you can still get by with 9 and 9-12 month. You are on the largest setting on most your diapers now too.You are my big big boy!!!
As far as your personality goes, you are extremely demanding. You get bored very easily and will scream until I entertain you. You know how to make a mommy work! You love snuggles and you love being tickled. Your favorite things are diaper changes and when we sing the itsy bitsy spider. You do not like you excersaucer and being put down!
We have some rough days but I wouldn't trade them. I just love you so very much!

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Gail Lindsay said...

He is sooo beautiful!! Blessings to you,


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