Tuesday, December 6, 2011

redeemed and reborn. Amazing what nine months can do.

Nine months. I have been a single mom for nine extremely long months. Hard months. Breaking months. Building, humbling months. Months of me surviving and failing. Hard, hard months. The physical and emotional difficulties of being a single mom to three boys is indescribable. It is absolutely maddening and shattering. Some of it has been hell on earth for me. Honestly. But some of it? Some of it has been God breathed grace. God given strength and peace beyond belief. And learning and growing and a lot, a lot of refining.

Refining hurts. Big time.

God has shown me so much about myself in the last nine months. Like my very own rebirth, I am finally coming through this new. Changed. I am no longer blinded to the fact that I am terribly far from the person God wants me to be. The wife God wants me to be. And most especially the mother I am suppose to be. The friend and servant I am suppose to be. In pretty much every area. And that hurts to realize but it is also wonderful. Because I want to be better. And I am working on it and God has shown me things I never knew about myself or about Him. He has taught me much in these nine months. And I am so thankful.

And now I get to put them to practice.

Adam and I are back together and are committed to making our marriage work. We aren't living together again yet but can't wait to actually make that part final. My lease is up end of January so we will be moving then.

I didn't blog much about our separation and that was intentional. But I want to say this, there is nothing, and I mean nothing, that can't be redeemed. When we first separated I gave our marriage to God and asked Him to protect it, rebuild it, redeem it. And He has. To watch everything unfold has been incredible. If we are willing, truly willing, to let God restore an area of our lives, I believe HE will. And He has in my marriage. And He has is in my life.

Refining is painful sometimes beyond words, but I stay true to my belief in river rocks. It takes such a force, such bumps and scrapes, to make us smooth and more like Jesus. So here I am. I have a long ways to go, we have a long way to go, but I am ready. Whatever it takes.

Thank you all for walking this journey with me and being so very supportive. It simply means the world.

I feel like after being told for years to "be still", I am finally, finally being told "it is time, my child, it is time". And I am so ready.


Wendi@EveryDayMiracles said...

I know I don't really "know" you. And yet, it is outstanding to me how one can feel as if they are a part of some ones life by reading heart felt words they have written.

That is the case with me, reading your blog. And this post made me cry. I have observed, read, and been on the outside looking in. I have whispered prayers as I have read your words, and what was in between your words.

I am passionate about redemption! I am beyond thrilled at what God is doing in your life. Thank you for sharing your heart and life. I think God has alot more in store for you in terms of helping other women... just my opinion.

Have you heard the Selah song "unredeemed"? If you haven't, you must go find it! It's perfect for you.

I will continue to pray. I know that God has accomplished much, and yet there is a long, long road ahead. As there is for all of us...


Jess said...

I'm so thrilled for you! It is truly incredible what God can do an what he can restore. I will continue to keep your family and marriage in my prayers!

Doodle - said...

I am so excited to hear this! You have a beautiful family and to hear your personal path in your faith is such a comfort and inspiration!

God is great!

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