Thursday, February 2, 2012

healthy, godparents, and a super six month old!!!

Well it has been way too long since my last post but I finally caught the bug and was under the weather for a bit. BUT we are all better and enjoying the gorgeous weather we are having!

While I was offline, my cousin from California came in town. Amber is a best friend and my boys god mother. We are blessed to have her in our lives and they love their Aunt Amber!
We all went to some shops nearby and they have a play area with trains and a huge Texas maze for the kids. The boys had so much fun running around. I don't why we are having such warm weather this winter but it can stay this way! Hopefully it doesn't mean we will have another record breaking summer as well.

I think it is high time Ej got his first hair cut! Ha! I just love his blond curls though. Even when they are crazy!

Amber and I!! We never get pictures of us together so we made that a priority this time :)

Amber and Matthew

And guess what!? In just a blink of an eye, my little peanut turned SIX months! Not quite sure how in the world he is six months. Love this boy!!!!!

He is still extremely demanding these days. Stills creams when the car stops and still screams when I put him down! Still nurses a lot and is still up about 3-5 times a night.

He has been talking up a storm though lately. Dada is his favorite word but he just loves to babble and "sing". As long as you are playing with him or holding him, he is the happiest baby ever.

His hair continues to come in lighter and his eyes are still really blue. They are getting a bit of gold around the pupil though.

He naps about three times a day but it is crazy. I am trying so hard to get him on a good schedule but it is so hard with the other two boys. Most days he naps on me for two naps and I can get one nap in his crib.

He is teething STILL but no teeth have come in yet. However, if you have a shortage of drool, we have plenty extra :)

He loves Praise baby dvds and loves the itsy bitsy spider sung over and over with hand motions!

He still rolls over but crawling is still a ways off and he cant lift his big ole belly off the ground yet ha!!

He is really smart and remembers how to play with certain toys. He knows what buttons to push or that doing a certain action makes it play music. He LOVES to play. I think he may give EJ a run for his money. :)

Happy six months sweet boy!!!!!!!!

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