Friday, May 25, 2012

creature feature!

With spring here, and summer approaching, I have noticed there are lots of creatures stirring :)

Cardinals are my absolute favorite bird. I love them. They make me endlessly happy and I think they are good luck. A couple weeks ago we noticed a nest outside our guest room window and it had eggs!!! well now those precious eggs have hatched and there are two adorably fuzzy chicks. I saw the mama for the first time yesterday and they are cardinals! We have baby cardinals!
I took this through the window so not to disturb them. So very precious!
And in our back yard we have a family of cotton tails under our deck! This was also through the window.
And if that was not enough, we are also dealing with giraffes and dinosaurs!

I love his reflection in that picture. He loves to play with EJ's toys :)

Have I mentioned that this boy is going to be walking soon? He crawls super fast and pulls up on everything. He can stand up with out pulling up now and he is cruising too. He might be my earliest walker! 
And my juice baby. Man oh man does he love juice!!!!! But, I love him more :)

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