Thursday, May 24, 2012

play play play!!!!!

Can I just say I am ready for summer! Next week is our last week of school and I cant wait!!
With three boys it is no surprise there is a lot of playing going on in our house. EJ loves to play and read all day. Matthew is now hitting the age that he gets really bored and demands mommy to play with him. Austin  loves playing with his legos and can easily do this hours at a time.
Most days, Austin and EJ are playing legos in their bedroom side by side. They don't often play together but yet on their own little projects next to each other. It is the cutest thing. Both Austin and EJ are great big brothers to Matthew and will occasionally play with him. Although you know baby toys are pretty boring to big kids :)
EJ is really into dinosaurs right now. Really. He has dinosaur gummy vitamins, watches dinosaur train and everything/anything else dinosaur related, pretends he is a t-rex 90% of the day, and plays constantly with his assortment of dinosaurs. If you must know, he is the t-rex and I am a duck bill lol. A random picture of Matthew's chubby baby hands. Swoon.

 EJ also got a very special gift this past week. Papa and Daddy made him a sand box that he loves. Now he can play dinosaurs in the sand. Oh happy day!!! Volcanoes galore! Of course he helped make it.
 I think his hair is perfection. He has never once had a hair cut and I just cant bring myself to do it yet.
 Throwing sand. Apparently it is lots of fun!
 Diaper changing time this morning. Love this big boy. Speaking of big, he will be TEN months in just a couple days. How in the heck does that happen so fast. I'm in complete denial.

 That big blue bin? That is all of Matthew's toys. Don't worry, it did not avalanche on to his head. Mommy is right there to help :)
 And Sophie. Our little love bug that Santa brought this year.
 And EJ's baby. This is his biggest toy dino. He loves it! The first night he got it, we slept with it in the bed. All night. Yes, we are still co sleeping but hoping to change that before he turns four next year. Right now we are potty training and he is doing really well so far! As long as I instigate frequent potty breaks, there are no accidents. We are far from leaving the house without a diaper or naps/night time but it is a start!
I am loving these days with my boys and pray every day that I can be the best mom I can be for them. Time goes way too fast and I don't want to miss a minute! And last but not least, Adam and Matthew getting some snuggles. If only I could slow down time.....

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