Thursday, September 27, 2012

a day in our life-september edition!

Okay so I have to admit I am a bit late in getting this up. I have been swamped with photo shoots (and editing those photos) that I kinda put this on the back burner. I really want to get these up before September ends, so here they are in all the unedited glory :) A beautiful September day...
 This boy always eats my cell phone!!
 Piano time before breakfast!
 Someone is a bit grouchy!
 Those squeeze pouches are delicious. Seriously.
 Nothing is better than dinosaur tattoos.
 Hungry for another snack :)
 EJ is ready for breakfast. His usual bagel and cream cheese.
 My favorite water bottle. It is the best EVER!
 Still snacking...
 He actually wanted a picture of that "pose"!
 Peek a boo!
 Morning nap time :)
 TV time for EJ.
 Look who is awake!
 Where is your nose? He is learning his body parts!
 My happy boy.
 Ready to get down and conquer the world. Or his toys.

 Mad b/c he can't get into my purse. He loves to dump out everything.
 Nursing break. I will miss this.
 Happy again and wanting to "help" with the diapers. Aka pull them out.
 I put him to work doing laundry :)

 EJ joins us!

 His other favorite thing. Pull everything out of the garbage. Or put random things (my phone) into the garbage!! This boy is a wild one :)
 And apparently he really loves to clean!
 And eat. He opened this all by himself.
 Lunch time! Left over pork chops, peas, and puffs.
 His turn to mop.

 Cleaning really makes you hungry!

 His most recent drawing! It is a mouse. I LOVE it!
 And he loves lunch!
 Back to doing what he does best. Pulling random things out and making a mess.

 Can you see him :)
 My turn to do some work...
 While he pulls even more stuff out.
 And he plays on my phone.
 Those discs are probably headed to the toilet or the trash. When you can't find something, always look there first :)
 Off to pick up Austin from school! And Ej likes to chew on his shirts.

 Headed home!
 Afternoon nap!
 Fluffy mail!! Love getting diapers in the mail!
 This boy eats constantly.
 Sticker time!

 Because chores are way more fun when there are stickers involved!
 Can't forget to feed the fish!
 Eating AGAIN.
 He looks so big to me.
 Still sleeping :)
 Apple time!
 I love the bunnies! We now have two babies!
 This is Daddy Rabbit.
 My tiny fig tree my in laws brought me from Florida.
 Gotta get the wiggles out!

 He never goes too far (love this boy)

 The three amigos. They truly are my world.

 Could it be???
 Daddy is home!

 Big climber!

 Sharing can be messy!!!
Then the boys and Daddy run to Blockbuster to return some movies and I get Matthew down while they are gone (or try to). When Daddy come home he gets the older two to bed and comes and gets Matthew and carries him around to shut all the blinds with him. Loved peeking in on them :) Then back to me for night night time!!

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