Wednesday, September 5, 2012

better late than never! back to school post.

Peek a boo!
Baby bun bun
Karate lessons. Austin style!

Ej really loves Austin.
He has the best faces!

So serious...

Love that belly!
Dirty and playing with a ball. Heaven...
Attack! This picture sums him up nicely :)
Precious baby cheeks...
Trying to sneak food. He is ALWAYS hungry!
First day of school wouldn't be complete without your little brother and his lamby.
Missing Austin. And a messy face.
There is my photo catch up :) We spent the last breathe of summer freedom together and savored every minute. EJ loves Austin and loves having him home all day. The first few days were a bit tough for everyone but we are settling now into a new routine. My fall classes have started back up as well so we are all busy bees! I have also been really busy with my photography business. Speaking of that, I have a new photo website!! You can check it out at here if you are interested. It is a standard prophoto4  template but I plan on customizing it as time allows :) 
I guess the story of my life right now is balance. I think that is tough for everyone with kiddos though! As long as God and family are first, I know everything else will fall into place.

The boys are doing great. Austin loves his new school and new teacher. His teacher really is so sweet and we are blessed to have her! I am so glad Austin is loving his school this year. This is a huge prayer answered. Austin is REALLY into science right now. He watchesg sea creature and prehistoric creature movies on discovery all day long. He reads everything he can, he collects samples of rocks, fossils, and interesting leaves everywhere we go. He is my little scientist! I love that he is inquisitive and loves to explore the world around him.  He is still extremely wild and extremely sensitive. An interesting mix to say the least! He wears size 6 clothing and is a skinny minny. Oh and he still really loves all things army. Really loves all thing army. He lives for positive feedback and the occasional snuggle :)

EJ is growing so big. He is definitely a big boy now and makes me laugh all the time. Tantrums are back (understandable with the start up of school and a new routine) but he is a sweet, funny, little one. We are starting to work on letters and numbers now and I love watching him learn :) He loves dinosaurs still and little foot is still a favorite. He recently has really taken a liking too legos and army stuff. You can tell he hangs out with Austin all the time :) The thing he loves the most right now is play dough. He will play with that for hours! He will also help me cook and do the laundry and he loves Matthew! Oh and wrestling with Austin. I definitely have to mention that since that's all the boys do some days. Drives me crazy!!! EJ is now comfortably in size 3T. Yay for that!!

Matthew is wild, loud, and teething. Need I say more? I think he will be the one to give me a heart attack. He is only 12 months but he climbs on everything. He climbs up the couch, the fireplace, the step stool, the open dishwasher, everything. He also falls a lot as he tries to keep up with everyone. He is still fiercely needy and still nurses a ton. He is in size 18 months and we just got him his first pair of shoes! He is getting better about walking with them. It is so funny! I have called him Matteo for a while now and Ej now calls him "Tay-Toe". I told you he is funny! He still co sleeps with me and is not the best sleeper. Even so, he does take two good naps during the day (he is taking one right now :)) and is on a a good schedule! He no longer minds riding in the car and often times will want to go somewhere! He even brought Adam a pair of shoes once when he wanted to go bye-bye! How can you resist that! If the big brothers go somewhere with Daddy, you can bet he will not be happy he was left behind. He is a go-er and do-er for sure.

Well that about wraps up this back to school catch up! Even though I am swamped I still want to document life. It passes so quickly!. Speaking of that, it is time for my September edition of a day in my life! Hopefully will get to that soon!

ps. If you are wondering about that adorable bunny picture, it is because we have a new baby!!!! I love the bunnies under our deck and I especially love new baby ones!

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