Wednesday, March 4, 2009

cloth diaper reviews-contours

There is only one contour diaper I have and it is the Imse Vimse terry contour.
This diaper is organic, and that was probably why I chose it. I am so glad I did!
This diaper is a thick, absorbent terry diaper. It is one size, however you do not adjust it with snaps. You simply fold it over to fit a smaller baby!
Since this diaper has no aplix, no buttons, nothing extra, I see this out lasting any other diaper. I have been using this diaper for 10 months, and no wear of any kind. It is strong and durable.
For me, I use my snappi with this diaper. I simply fold the tabs over like you would a diaper with aplix, hold it and then snappi it. Just like a prefold! Then I use my cover. Since the whole diaper is absorbent you must use a cover!
This diaper is extremely absorbent and I have used this for overnight use. I add a fleece liner and a doubler though.
For smaller babies (that require you to fold it over) it will be bulky but it fits my four year old well. Very nice sized diaper!

It is easy to wash (always comes out clean) and fast drying.
This diaper also has gussets, so it will contain anything, even breast feed poo!
Imse Vimse is an amazing company and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE these!

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