Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cloth diaper reviews- gro baby

I was so excited to get a Gro baby diaper! It had fab reviews and the new hook and look closure seemed to good to be true! No more fuzzy aplix? No more rough tabs that could rub the babies skin? Yes please!

Similar to the softbums, with the fact that there is a snap in liner, this diaper is also very different. It does not have a fleece interior, instead it has an easy to clean mesh. Also, this diaper is organic! The snap in liner is super thick and plush. It is incredible and very absorbent. It also comes with a doubler. Between these two, I have never had a leak! I love the fact that it is organic and no chemicals are against my baby's bottom!
For sizing, it has the traditional snap settings on the front of the diaper. It fits a newborn and also, it does fit my four year old. Not quite as generous, but this will definitely last through potty training!
The hook and loop is as good as it gets! I do believe they now have snaps available, but there is no need really. It is soft to the touch but has an incredible grip. I LOVE this!!

I usually will not use this diaper over night, simply because the little ones can feel the wetness. This could be remedied by using a liner (maybe fleece?). Also, I would have to put in a couple of doublers, just to make sure!!

Since it has a snap in liner, if the cover is not dirty, you can unsnap the liner and place a new one on! Less wash!

Over all I love this diaper and look forward to trying the snap version!

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Danelle said...

Hey Elle- I just wanted to chime in about gro-baby.
I too was amazed at the system on paper and couldn't wait to get my hands on a couple. The diaper is fantastic and the "velcro" (is it actually aplix?) is the strongest I've seen. But my 16 month old is already on the highest rise and I found that it rubbed so tight on her thighs that is actually left a little red burn mark (I say burn mark because it was there for over a week).
I also found that my active girl managed to bunch up the liners in the middle and that caused some wicking on the side.

overall I was impressed, but it won't work for my kiddo.


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