Wednesday, March 4, 2009

cloth diaper reviews-all in two (softbums)

All in twos are very similar to the pocket diaper. They have the outer PUL so they do not need a diaper cover. The Softbums are very unique though!
Instead of having a slit to place an insert into, they have a snap in liner that you can adjust. The insert is very long and so you fold it to double over the are where the most absorbency is needed. For us (a boy) that area is in the front. It has a fleece interior and the insert I have is also fleece, although they do make a bamboo one as well. They have also recently started making them in snap, although I have the aplix.
This diaper is very soft and squishy! Also , out of ALL my diapers, this is by far the most trim diaper. It is very narrow through the legs.
There are two great things about this diaper!
Since it has a snap in liner, if only the liner is dirty, you can simply snap in another liner. You can reuse the shell! This saves time, and you have less to wash. Because of this the covers are washed less and therefore, have less wear. For us, I usually will not put the same cover right back on. The fleece interior of the cover will usually be damp, and I let mine dry a bit before reusing it.
This diaper is so easy! The aplix is sturdy with large tabs. It has a crossover tab and is very high quality. It doesn't come undone when washing and stays clean and nice looking.
The best, is how you size this diaper. It has internal "toggles" similar to what would be on a laundry bag. Where you compress them and it allows the string to slide through. They are very tiny but easy to use. You simply pull them out through a small slit, toggle up or down to achieve the PERFECT size. I love this and wish more diapers were like this. There is literally an unlimited amount of adjustment!
As far as absorbency goes, I could never use this diaper for overnight. It is great for day time and can even handle naps, but not night time use for my heavy wetter.
Sometimes I will add in a doubler if I need it to last longer. The only other issue I have, is that it is just a bit too narrow for my chunky boy. This is not a problem usually, but if his pants ride up in between the diaper and groin area, it will cause wicking. This doesn't happen very often though and I do not consider it a significant problem. It is worth it for how trim it is!
Also, something to keep in mind, is that this is the smallest of all my one size diapers. This definitely does not fit my four year old. However, it is hands down, the best newborn diaper I have ever seen. This diaper can size down to fit into the palm of your hand. It is amazing!!! Plus after months of washing, this diaper has shown no wear whatsoever!
Over all I love the ease of use and trimness. Great day time diaper!

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