Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cloth diaper reviews-fitteds (kiwi pie)

Alright! I LOVE fitted diapers! There is only one that I have and it is the kiwi pie fitted.
This diaper is amazing. When you get it in the mail, it is so deliciously soft you want to snuggle it. Seriously. They also have (imo) the most adorable prints available. They are made out of bamboo, and being a natural mommy, I LOVE bamboo. They are bacterial resistant due to this as well.
As far as absorbency goes, they rock! They come with a doubler of sorts, and it can contain anything. Because it is a fitted, the entire diaper is absorbent and therefore requires a cover. However, this is a bullet proof system. Since the kiwi pie is a diaper in and of itself, breastfeed poo doesn't stand a chance at leaking. Nothing gets past this diaper, and if it did, it would then have to get past the cover. Not going to happen!
I love to put a wool soaker over these!
As far as the one size aspect in concerned,they have snaps to allow for adjusting. These diapers fit my four year old. They have stretch like you would not believe! I do not see any issue whatsoever with these not lasting to potty training!
They are breathable, soft, adorable, and fantastic!
On thing, is that if you use this overnight, I recommend putting a fleece liner in between the baby and the diaper. Only so they don't feel the wetness.
Over all I love this diaper!

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